Anil Grovor is an Executive Coach, facilitator, and business consultant.

He has over two decades of leadership experience in fast paced, high performance, multi cultural environment. His focus has been on helping senior leaders and organisations transcend their limiting patterns and thrive in this world of accelerating change.

Anil enables a journey of personal & professional growth for senior leaders through executive coaching. He puts equal emphasis on ‘being’ & ‘doing’ - leading to expansion of their inner fulfilment & outer impact. Anil helps organisations measure their culture in a tangible way. He facilitates rich & meaningful dialogues of the senior leadership team, leading to alignment and commitment. He supports the transformative journey of leaders & organisations over 6 months to several years.

Anil has travelled extensively for business to US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Japan, China, Hong Kong & Singapore. He coaches senior leaders of one of the largest corporate in India. He has facilitated cultural transformation sessions for Yahoo. He has led the India organisation of Motorola (Embedded Communications Computing). He has engaged with clients like Ericsson & NTT in multi-dimensional partnerships. He has a proven track record of creating and nurturing culture of intrinsic motivation for teams, climate of trust with customers, and strategic alignment with the purpose of the organisation.

Anil lives in Hyderabad, India with his family. He is an alumni of IIT Roorkee and IIT Delhi. He is passionate about continuous learning to enable self and others to live in alignment with their core values, purpose, and talents. He is a student of Yoga Sutras, that constitute the most comprehensive and complete wisdom on the human mind and practical psychology. He is member of the steering group of Global Values Alliance, and seeks to contribute in ‘putting values at the heart of society’ at a world-wide level.

You can reach Anil here.